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Digital Products & Services

Current available Gym apps are -
  • MADSmania Primary Maths Gym App (in English)
  • MADSmania Number Practice Solo Gym App (in 30+ languages)
  • MADSmania Formula Gym App (in English)

MADSmania Formula Gym is a part of MADSmania 9-Jewel Alpha series app that comprises of group of 9 apps in maths, language (English & others) and other subjects. More app will be launched soon.

More apps in different series will be launched according to plan.

MADSmania, DictaMania, PracticeMania & AppMania are four variants of apps under MADSmania umbrella.

  • MADSmania Gym Apps 1
  • MADSmania Gym Apps 2
  • MADSmania Gym Apps 3
  • MADSmania Gym Apps 4
  • MADSmania Gym Apps 5