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General FAQs

Formal education is a structured and systematic form of learning. Traditionally, the schools and colleges are responsible for the formal education. It is the most important source of children's and adult’s educational progress.

Special education is the practice of educating students in a way that address their individual personalised or special need like learning at self-pace, at convenient time, doing repeated revisions, understanding using multimedia contents, connecting with tutors and peers to clear doubts and so on. It is also catering to differences, disabilities, and special needs of differently abled learners.

EduTech or EdTech is an abbreviation and is often referring to the industry of companies that create educational technology. Educational technology is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning.

It’s a hybrid approach of combining both formal education need (FEN) and special education need (SEN).

Its allowing quality education at affordable rates that economically weaker learners can access from remote areas as well, not only once but year-on-year using education technologies.

MADSmania is a concept in itself rather than a product or service. It’s blended in terms of physical & digital in terms of mode of practice, online & offline in terms of mode of accessing digital contents and information, ancient & modern in terms of method of practice.

MADSmania does have current as well as future extension of AI & AR. MADSmania is also conceptualised to take advantage of future techs like 5G/6G, Robotics, IOT, Web 3.0 etc.

MADSmania positioned itself as an educator with FASEN approach. It aims to support formal (students and institutions both) as well as special or personalised education need.

MADSmania is made of 2 words – MADS and Mania.

MADS is acronym for Multiplication, Addition, Division and Subtraction that forms basis of all calculation.

Mania means enthusiasm, passion, desire etc.

MADSmania is meant to create desire, passion or enthusiasm for practicing Maths due to its unique proposition to primary grades students.

It caters and further aims to cater students and learners beyond primary grades as well as pre-primary students.

MADSmania Gym is an effort to bring the cost of education down whilst utilising traditional practice methods with right blend of technology that cares for environment also.

MADSmania promotes handwritten practice in its fundamental thinking. It provides regular practice framework. Regular practice by hand requires lot of papers to be consumed. MADSmania with its reusable worksheets, reduces use of papers hence supports sustainability measures to protect our earth’s environment.

Company is creating skill based blended practice framework combining handwritten practice and mobile phone to split screen time and providing gamified practice using specially curated reusable worksheets.

MADSmania is evolving. We are merely not building a product or service rather we are building an EdTech eco-system for decades to come. It requires like-minded strategic people committed to serve in the field of education through EdTech.

MADSmania is about learning math & other subjects including vernacular languages. It encompasses fusion of advance technologies and traditional method of practicing by hand which is still the best practice according to ancient gurus of India. This concept is outcome of deep research on blending essential mental behaviour of students and their choices in current digital ecosystem.

Students specially children need to have focus on handwritten practice. As per neuroscience handwritten practice is essential. It stimulates brain for long lasting memory. Handwritten practice is essential to develop motor skill also for the learner.

It is blending of physical & digital processes in learning. It is capable of accepting challenges and providing humanistic education using affordable, futuristic & inclusive EdTech.

It is designed to be ready for future also that includes Gamification, Peer to Peer Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality, Robotics etc.

MADSmania will have its own unique blended metaverse in education sector. MADSmania is in the process of evolving its own crypto currency and NFT. These will be used in MADSmania own eco-system, educational institutions, partner ecommerce platforms and neighbourhood stores.

MADSmania is building inclusive, affordable, hybrid (phygital - physical & digital as well as mix of online & offline), vernacular, gamified global educational products & services. With more than 150+ current & upcoming products we are intended to contribute in formal as well as special / personal education need. We are aspiring to be amongst top 2 & world’s top 5 EdTech companies by 2030. We have a target to touch 1 billion learners’ life and become an Indian MNC and unicorn by 2024. As per estimates, global education sector will be a $10 trillion industry by 2030. Within education sector, EdTech is estimated to be a section of $3 trillion.

App related FAQ

Currently apps are available for Android phones. It will be made available for iOS phone very soon.

Download App from our website madsmania.com
Click here to access our download page for educational apps & supports apps
If available, the go to Google Play Store or Apple store.

Any Android phone on which you watch you tube, play video games, watch movie etc
Android Lollypop and Above
RAM Minimum 1 GB (Preferably 2 GB)
Storage 100 GB or more free/available/unallocated storage space

You need to register your MADSmania app to get app user license required for using MADSmania app on your mobile device. It will also provide your dedicated account on MADSmania portal (www.madsmania.com) for account management, applying for starter badges, applying for scholarship, certificates, winning prizes in contests, performance comparison for discount, gift management, online purchases and many more features exclusive for registered users.

Start MADSmania app on your mobile device and tap on “Register” icon
Fill all the details
Provide Gifter ID to link yourself with a gifter
Provide Advisor ID to link yourself with a MADSmania Advisor
Post the details as per instructions
Upon successful registration, you will get intimation on the screen that your product is successfully registered.
Once your product is registered and you got license to use it.

One MADSmania user (student / learner) is allowed to use app on one mobile device.
However, there might be apps where multiple user (students) is allowed.

The product key will be provided by MADSmania Advisor with whom your account is linked.

When you buy subscription, you will be provided the order id or order number.

MADSmania Gym are available on Freemium basis. Learner / Student / User can use around 10% of content free of cost to evaluate it. To use the full functionality & avail content, they will have to buy subscriptions.

Reusable worksheet related FAQ

Reusable worksheets are specially designed worksheets that you can use for practise.

MADSmania reusable worksheet is reusable in the true sense. Other reusable worksheets in the market are laminated and most of them have fixed contents these are not really reusable worksheet. Our worksheets have longer life and provides to unlimited number of questions for practice.

A good quality sketch pen can be used. It can be cleaned / wiped by a soft cloth.

Yes, it is water proof. But it is not fire or heat proof.

With proper care you can use one worksheet for more than thousand times. Use only good quality sketch pen to write and soft wipe to clean it. Don’t rub hard to clean it. Also, keep it away from heat and other hazardous objects.

Yes, you can take picture of the practice done on the worksheet and save the image on the device and thereafter on the internet.

Worksheet image can be saved by taking photo using mobile camera. Option to save the photo is available in the App.
It will be visible during verification of answer.

Image will be saved on your device first. Then upload it on your dedicated account on cloud storage provided by MADSmania.

Advisor FAQ

MADSadvisor is an entity either person or business to effectively and seamlessly deliver MADSmania products and services to masses down the line rural areas where learners are having access of Smart Phones or will have in coming days.
It has been breakdown into 4 level of hierarchy from top to bottom viz Territory Partners, Business Development Partners, Super Advisors & Advisors.

Advisor is a person or entity who will access the learners / student and explain to them about MADSmania products & services, motivate / convince them to use either free or by paying a subscription or one time convenience charges as per product or service they want to buy or avail.
An Advisor can cater to a District, City, Local Area, Cluster of Villages etc

Super Advisor is a person or entity who will create a team of advisor in their region. They will also oversee if the target is being achieved. They will be a bridge between their BDP and Advisors.
A Super Advisor can cater to a District, City, Local Area etc

BDP (Business Development Partner) is a person or entity who will create a team of Super Advisors in their region. They will also oversee if the target is being achieved. They will be a bridge between their TP & Super Advisors.
A BDP can cater to a State, District, City etc

TP (Territory Partner) is a person or entity who will create a team of BDPs in their region / territory that may span up to entire country. They will also oversee if the target is being achieved. They will be partner representative of the company.
A TP can cater to a Country, State, Province, Zone, Group of States, Metropolitan Area etc

Is a hierarchy of advisors to breakdown MADSmania product delivery & service channels. MADSadvisor has been conceptualised to provide an employment opportunities or additional earning opportunities across the globe. The money spent on App marketplace or eCommerce sites gets distributed amongst hierarchy of advisors.

This is not a multilevel marketing concept.

A person or entity who want to contribute in education sector up to grass root level, having knowledge of education sector, having good social connects, having interest or knowledge in selling retail products, having understanding & interest in selling digital products, having desire to earn from home – part time or full time, who can achieve given target can become a MADSadvisor.

A TP will be handpicked by MADSmania. A TP will pick BDPs. BDPs will pick Super Advisors & a Super Advisor will pick Advisors.
MADSmania requires 1,00,000+ advisors at all level across the globe. In India itself, it looking for 20,000+ advisors.

MADSadvisor will get share in revenue they help to earn for the company. They may also get incentives, rewards etc, as and when declared by the company.
They will also get an opportunity for additional job work (mainly work from home on assignment basis) either from the company or its business partners.

It’s a progressive innovative work from home opportunity where a person can earn money they want or can according to their capacity or need. It’s a great framework for women where they can support their family financially as well.
A permanent advisor can even be paid for subscription renewal that is done by learners acquired through them. This is like insurance policy payment practice where an insurance agent gets parts as a commission when an insured does pay the policy renewal premium.
This is a unique model for EduTech sector.

Violation of MADSmania code of conducts, not abiding by law of the land, non-performance etc are few reasons when an advisor account can be blocked, terminated or forfeited.

Yes, an advisor can acquire learners beyond their territory. Especially overseas.

The Advisor Gym ID is an Advisor ID of a MADSmania Advisor. This ID will be used to register them in any of the MADSmania apps or system meant for advisors.

The Learner Gym ID is a permanent learner / student ID of a MADSmania learner. This ID will be used to register them in any of the MADSmania apps or system meant for learners / students.

Starting with 3-4 minimum viable products, advisors will get 150+ products in the next 5 years to deal in.

We believe that any learner can buy 4-5 products and subscriptions every year. Though they will have many products & subscriptions available.

Initially an advisor will be made on probation where they will be given a small target to achieve in 6 months so that they can ‘gauge the water’ in the ocean.

Advisors who achieve or exceeds the target set in the probation period can become a permanent advisor. Other terms & conditions may apply.

A person or entity who want to contribute in education sector up to grass root level -
- having knowledge of education sector
- having good social connects
- having interest or knowledge in selling retail products
- having understanding & interest in selling digital products
- having desire to earn from home – part time or full time
- who can achieve given target can become a MADSadvisor.

There is no limit of an advisor income. They can earn as per their hard work, time spent & some common-sense assumptions.
Advisor, Super Advisor, BDP & TPs income can even go beyond Rs. 2,00,000.00, Rs. 5,00,000.00, Rs. 10,00,000 & Rs. 25,00,000.00 per month respectively.

Any person should become an advisor who are 10th pass. Any super advisor should have been at least 12th or equivalent. Business Development Partners & Territory Manager should be graduate at least.

Advisor will not be able to do any promotional activities. This will have impact on their earnings till they are in such state.

Gym Apps FAQ

Gym is a place of body building through regular exercise with multiple equipments & drill methods.
Likewise, MADSmania Gyms are practice system that promotes regular & planned practices not entirely online or offline but as blended approach. It has been architected after thorough research of current education trends and anticipation of future education trends which is primarily impacted by technologies.
It emphasises on blending digital as well as physical writing (hence Phygital) by caring for environment & sustainability.
It’s made to leverage advancement of mobile phones in terms of memory & storage as well as affordability for common people.
MADSmania Gym Apps are designed to easily adapt role of upcoming technologies 5G/6G, AI, AR, Robotics, IOT etc.

It’s a tool to assist the teacher rather than creating threat for them either by showing them sub-standard or useless.
Its affordable hence economically weaker section can also take advantage of EdTech framework that is required and provided with Gym apps as well as reusable sheets.
MADSmania Gym apps are in fact a product for teachers also using which they can organise their teaching content by taking advantage of mobility i.e., on the go to teach or create from anywhere and anytime.

It creates job opportunity in terms of flexible working hours at convenience from home or office. It provides an opportunity to earn active and passive income by proudly engaging in promoting educational activities through MADSmania products range.
Apart from these promotional activities it provides ample opportunities to earn income through contents by either authoring or reviewing.
MADSmania has a unique distribution model where it provides opportunity to earn for personal influence & connections in the society especially educational activities.
MADSmania believes that there should be a model where not only the big / giant company but also common people can take advantage of EdTech system for earning regular incomes without leaving their native places.

Badge image is a personalised graphics that a learner can put on login screen of any MADSmania App. By default, national flag of the learner’s country will be displayed.
A paid subscriber can change this default badge image and put their own badge image in the same size that fits into the placeholder.

Ticket Ad is a banner ad (solo or carousel) which is small in size and gets visible every time when learner lands on any app.
MADSmania will allow an advisor to place their Ticket Ad when they acquire more than 500 free subscribers of MADSmania Gym Apps.
These ads get visible to the learners acquired through them.

MADSmania Gym Apps are having unique way of gifting an app that has never been seen before. It can be a perfect personalised digital gift for modern era. Its harmless as well as educative can prove beneficial for the children or any other learner to whom it is intended. We are calling it a ‘Good Gift’ as there is nothing bad in it!!

Free subscription will come with advertisements. A paid subscriptions may or may not have limited ads.

Once their subscription expiry date gets over before renewing it then their paid subscription will lapse.
However, they can continue using Gym apps as a free subscriber. This will impact the features and content they were accessing as a paid subscriber.

They can renew at any time through an Advisor.

Other Apps FAQ

DictaMania is a sub-product series of MADSmania that belongs to language & literature related subjects.

PracticeMania is a sub-product series of MADSmania that belongs to subjects except Maths and Language & Literature related subjects.

Data security related FAQs

Please refer to MADSmania Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.

Social Initiative FAQ

MADSmania is taking various social initiatives like -
Care for environment
Working towards inclusive education
Working for affordable education
Job creation
Women empowerment
Supporting econonomicaly weaker section students
Recognising Parents
Rewarding Teachers
Supporting Government
Reducing School Bags weight
and other initiatives we will take in future

MADSmania is taking initiative to provide Rs. 5,000.00 scholarship to economically weaker farmer's daughters from every district of India.

MADSmania will partner schools in identifying such children
After identifying MADSmania team will scrutinise such applications

No, only bright children will have an opportunity to get this scholarship
They must be either in standard 9 or 10
They will have to score at least 75% marks from standard 6 to 8

They will get direct scholarship transfer into their account (such as Jan-Dhan account of their parents)