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Limited Edition Offer

Formula Practice App with - AI

We are offering Limited Edition of our well researched unique state-of-the-art Formula Practice App

It’s an All-in-one app (All Subjects Formulas in One App) powered by MADSmania AI Algorithms

Practice Formulas, Facts, Symbols, Constants & many more

Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Life-Science, Commerce, Management and every other subjects

More than 12000 contents

For Class 6 to 12, Under Graduate, Post-graduate

Age Group 12-18, 19-24, 24-60 Years

For Competitive Exams & Professionals

Utility Learning Management Tool for Years

Useful for Students & Teachers both

Know More About Formula Gym

  • MADSmania Formula Gym
  • MADSmania Apps are powered by AI
  • MADSmania Badges
  • MADSmania Certificates
  • Scholarships for Students, Rewards for Parent & Teachers

Lots of Special Scholarships & Rewards

Awarding scholarship to 2500+ special limited-edition learners

The scholarship will be given at 3 levels

Level 1, 2500 learners will be awarded a scholarship of Rs. 5,000.00 each

Level 2, 125 learners will be awarded a scholarship of Rs. 10,000.00 each

Level 3, 3 learners will be awarded a scholarship of Rs. 25,000.00 each

For level 3 winners their parent, teacher & advisor will get reward of Rs. 10,000.00 each

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Apart from this you will get 20% discount on every product & subscription of MADSmania for life

They will have a free subscription of education insight magazine which we are target to launch in early 2023

A scholarship of Rs. 2000.00 per month for 24 months will be given to 3 meritorious (securing >90% marks in standard 6 to 8) students (referred by each winner of level 3 scholarship) studying in either standard 9 or 11.

A scholarship of Rs. 5,000.00 each will be given to a farmer’s daughter each in over 750+ districts of India

Scholarship will be given to 1 girl per district.

Scholarship will be given through recommendation by schools or MADSmania Advisors.

Every participant school will have to recommend 3 girl’s names studying in their school whose parent are farmer from their district for this scholarship .

The girl must belong to economically weaker family.

The girl could be a student of class 1 to 10.

MADSmania screening committee will evaluate all entries before taking final decision on beneficiary’s names.

This scheme is sponsored through MADSmania Formula Gym Special Limited Period Lifetime Subscription..

  • Formula Gym Worksheets
  • Support Economically Weaker Section Education
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Apart from above subscriptions you can use MADSmania Formula Gym for free as well having ample contents available free.

Accumulate money digitally through MADSmania reward mechanism

Use as digital wallet

You will have future scope of paying other merchants including neighbourhood book, toy & stationary stores

You can gift to friends & others

It can be memorable Gift for your friends with personalised messages

Ideal for bulk gifting

There are thousands of rewards to win for students, teachers, parents etc

Value for money affordable subscriptions available

MADSmania is not only a Company but a Vision -

Our power & motivations are you

You are epicentre for us a customer, creator & contributor

We need your help to support Education and building of a big global enterprise

Become a part of us in building affordable & inclusive blended EdTech products for the world

We are having mission to generate more than 3 lakh jobs

Give us feedbacks to nurture more ideas of ours

With our limited edition we want to gains early adopters and loyal advocates like you

We will be seeking feedbacks and expert guidance from you

If our products add value to your education, that proves the concept

You will be helping us in brainstorming ideas

Even though you will be customer, but we consider you as a stakeholder cum investor

Advantage of Limited Edition over Regular Subscription

Option 1 – Annual Subscription
  • MRP of Annual Subscription – Rs. 625.00 (Taxes extra, if applicable)
  • Promotional Discount for limited period - 20%
  • Billing Price for Annual Subscription – Rs. 500.00 (Taxes extra, if applicable)
Option 2 – Lifetime Subscription
  • MRP of Lifetime Subscription – Rs. 3,125.00 (Taxes extra, if applicable)
  • Advisor discount - 52%
  • Billing Price for Lifetime Subscription - Rs. 1,500.00 (Taxes extra, if applicable)
  • Assumptions - Expected years of use (say) are 5 years
Option 3 – Limited Period Lifetime Subscription
  • MRP of Lifetime Subscription – Rs. 3,125.00 (Taxes extra, if applicable)
  • Advisor discount - 36%
  • Additional discount for Limited Period Special Subscription - Rs. 1000.00
  • Billing Price for Limited Period Lifetime Subscription – Rs. 1000.00 (Taxes extra, if applicable)
  • Assumptions - Expected years of use (say) are 5 years
  • Note - This special prices is for first 5,00,000 subscribers in India only