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MADSmania is a Vision

MADSmania is all about fusion learning by practicing which encompasses best of both the world, traditional methods of practice by hand and latest state of the art technologies.

This concept is outcome of deep research on essential mental behaviour of students and their choices in current digital ecosystem

Few years ago, MADSmania was conceptualised by Sanjeev, a mathematician & his wife Babita who got inspired seeing their daughter performing exceedingly well in math Olympiad majorly contributing to practice by hand. They went ahead with their idea. Like most innovations, apart from their close family & friends, no one initially were ready to look into it


MADSmania is learning maths & other subjects (vernacular languages & subjects other than math) which encompasses fusion of advance technologies and traditional method of practicing by hand which is still the best practice according to ancient gurus of India. This concept is outcome of deep research on blending essential mental behaviour of students and their choices in current digital ecosystem.

Hooked for blending with physical processes in learning & providing humanistic education using tech accepting challenges in making affordable, futuristic & inclusive EdTech.

  • MADSmania is learning maths & other subjects
  • Hooked for blending with physical processes in learning

Later many people saw this innovative idea and got associated for further refining the very concept of MADSmania and how this fusion of advance technologies with the best practices of ancient gurus of India can be put on greater service of the society

MADSmania is a blended practice framework that is based on reusable concept.

It is tightly couple with associated Apps. It emphasises on regular and planned practices. Unlike others it’s thoroughly researched, designed and produced in such a way that it gives values for handwritten practice, still allowing use of mobile phones.(for self as well as teacher assisted learning), saving papers (hence environment).

  • Madmania includes Math and other subjects
  • Madsmania encompasses fusion of advance technologies and traditional method of practicing by hand
  • Madsmania is a foundation to make your child a math champion


These days, we use technology to get all our work done at our jobs, as well as take notes and research in school. Technology has become so prevalent in our lives that it is almost impossible to get anything done without the help of a computer or mobile. Without doubt this has changed our day-to-day life.

Children are largely impacted by the use of technology, in fact overuse of technology. For every activity they rely on technology. This fascinates them as use of technology is magical, fun & engaging. They want everything fast in fact instant.

In the process technology has made writing by hand a largely unnecessary act. But according to different studies, there are brain-friendly benefits of writing out letters, notes, essays, solving math problems, drawing / painting etc by hand that they can’t get from typing / tapping. Writing by hand really connects with the figures & words and allows brain to focus on them, understand them, and learn from them. There are plenty of reason to get back to writing by hand and help their brain!!!! (This is true for an adult too)

Unlike printable worksheets it has many worksheets on different skillsets of math designed in such a way that only one worksheet prevents printing many printable worksheets usually being used by teacher across the globe

It is washable hence can be germ free..

The apps are mostly offline (and online also) that will help kids to keep away from the internet. Offline app is a kind of question generator in itself rather than pre-set questions. The online apps will be progressive hence absence of internet connectivity will not have issue in remote areas or underdeveloped countries

It is designed to be future tech ready also that includes regular updates with respect to Gamification, Peer to Peer Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality, Robotics but still giving focus on handwritten practice. As per neuroscience handwritten practice is essential to stimulate brain for long lasting memory on skill being practiced. Handwritten practice is also essential to develop motor skill in the learner.

MADSmania is not about math only but also includes other subjects in its practice framework

It will evolve around current & future tech like Metaverse, Blockchain, AI & ML etc to bring more effective learning & teaching engagements

How MADSmania Helps in promoting Handwritten practice?

With its reusable,environment friendly, magical!! worksheets MADSmania is created to .

  • Have balance between Technology and Handwritten activities
  • Provide a blend of physical writing and mobile / laptop-based assistance
  • Practice Math Regularly by Hand
  • Keep your hand, eye and brains work in coordination to make your math stronger
  • Develop visual motor skills
  • Like ‘Eat an Apple a Day, Keeps Doctor Away’’ we say ‘Practice 10 questions of Math every day by hand is the best way to improve Math skills and keep it forever’
    • Madmania has worksheets to practice by hand
    • Practice using blended learning
    • Use Reusuable worksheets to save thousands of trees
    • New Age Slate for Children
    • Use single worksheet for 10000+ times
    • Unique Blended Learning


    MADSmania is essentially a concept of blended practice using reusable worksheet & app. These apps are mostly offline for primary classes. However, for classes beyond primary level it could be online also.

    Blended practice splits the screen time during learning.

    Practice by hand enhance writing skills also which is important for stimulating brain and understanding the topic better. Reusable worksheets save paper hence tree thus helping in our earth’s sustainability cause.

    More about us

    Our vision is to connect mathematics with learner’s life and providing them a balanced framework to practice it in innovative and fun-filled way.

    Over the period of time our vision has extended to work not only in the field of maths but in other subjects too.

    We aim to create our product & services to serve approx. 3 billion or 300 crore learners across the globe either in formal or personal / special education.

    Our mission is to continuously innovate, build & support learners across the world and provide unique concepts and products using ICT, multimedia, AI, AR, Robotics and other contemporary technologies.

    We are working to create an array of products for skill based blended practice. We are also working to create future techs and will come with very unique educational metaverse for learners, teachers & parents

    Our values are around inclusive sustenance that includes the teaching workforce in our working philosophy rather than creating threat for them. We are committed to treat each and every learner as potential contributor towards betterment of the society and enhance their confidence in gradual improvement.

    We are intended to create more than 300K or 3 lakhs jobs in the entire world.