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Founder's Message

Message from MADSmania Founders

Learning is lifelong process.

We think affordable, inclusive, sustainability & progressive EdTech

As a human being we learn throughout our life starting from pre-school to enhancing our skill till we wish to learn. There are various subjects and area of interest to choose from.

EdTech (an abbreviation of Educational Technology) is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theories and practices to facilitate learning aimed for effectiveness and usefulness. EdTech, is also referred to the industry of companies that creates educational technology.

EdTech has created a long lasting and ever-evolving impact for Formal Education Need (FEN) as well as Special Education Need (SEN). Formal education belongs to schools, colleges, universities or other certifying authorities whereas Special education belongs to personalised need of learning whether it is for self-improvement or acquiring new skills after formal education.

  • We intend to serve the humanity for decades
  • Together we will win
  • MADSmania Founders

About MADSmania

MADSmania is a company, in fact an idea to work in the field of education with innovative approaches that blends physical (hand written) and digital (App etc) approach of learning. Primarily its motive is to focus on practice.

Our vision is to connect mathematics with learner’s life and providing them a balanced framework to practice it in innovative and fun-filled way.

We are working to create an array of products for skill based blended practice. We are also working to create future techs and will come with very unique educational metaverse for learners, teachers & parents

Our mission is to continuously innovate, build & support learners across the world and provide unique concepts and products using ICT, multimedia, AI, AR, Robotics and other contemporary technologies

Our values are around inclusive sustenance that includes the teaching workforce in our working philosophy rather than creating threat for them. We are committed to treat each and every learner as potential contributor towards betterment of the society and enhance their confidence in gradual improvement.

MADSmania always aims for affordable solutions be it products or services for economically weaker sections. It is committed to make some impactful solution for visually physically challenged learners as well. MADSmania framework evolves around blending innovations. Be it blending Physical & Digital or Online & Offline. We will bring country specific education closer and make it global.

To Learners We advise you to practice more and more whatever you learn from wherever be it your teachers, parent, relatives, friends or internet. We advise to use mobile phone or laptops but at the same time don’t forget to do it by hand. Doing practice by hand stimulates your brain that helps to remember the learning for longer period or even forever.

For our environment and sustainability, we need to put lot of effort. As a student / learner you should try to including learning methodologies that is build or will be build towards greener environment.

MADSmania has a solution where we care for all i.e., use of mobile / technology, hand writing & environment friendliness.

To Parents With mobile revolution education is changing fast and becoming challenging as well with multiple sources of information, sometime uncontrolled. You can’t keep your children away from mobile and other contemporary technology and you should not. Provide them proper guidance by providing good digital products and motivating them to practice by hand also. A good blend of both is need of the hour.

To Teachers There are lot of technology intervention in the recent times and will be in future also. But personalised guidance will always stay. Who knows better than you that, every learner is distinct? You may sometime face challenges in managing their learning by applying various procedures and tricks.

We in MADSmania believe that you are an integral part of education and will always be. So, are (and we will) trying to create utilities that helps you in your profession.

To Academicians You have a vital role in providing education delivery setups in the entire ecosystem. World is changing fast. To make your job easier and effective keep evaluating and implementing new EdTech products / services / frameworks that could help in your endeavour. Every innovative idea needs your support.

Government / Policy Makers Your policies frames direction for every stakeholder in the education sector. Move swiftly in updating & implementing education policy, bring transparency, effective as well as affordable teaching and learning EdTech frameworks

Partners Keep continuing the support as critics and advisors. Help to make MADSmania a global organisation that continues serving every stakeholder in education for decades to come.

Competitors There are lot opportunities to serve the education field which is most diversified and specific as well. Let’s keep our selves working to mature the global education sector with affordable, innovative, inclusive & holistic educational products / platforms

Sanjeev Kumar & Babita Sinha
Co-founders of MADSmania EduTech Private Limited.