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MADSmania is all about fusion learning by practicing which encompasses best of both the world, traditional methods of practice by hand and latest state of the art technologies. This concept is outcome of deep research on essential mental behaviour of students and their choices in current digital ecosystem. Take a tour to unleash a new blend of tradition and technology for practice in innovative, collaborative, self-paced, fun-filled, rewarding and engaging way through MADSmania Worksheets - App - Portal.
WHATS IN THE NAME? - MADSmania = MADS + Mania. MADS is acronym of Multiplication, Addition, Division & Subtraction. These are 4 basic mathematical operations not only useful in daily life but also are base for entire math & science. For students Mania means enthusiasm or passion or desire or obsession. MADS is a rhyming word for Maths!!! By an informal definition Mania means a great enthusiasm for something.

Our Products (Learning Apps & Utilities)

Why We Exist?

Company is creating skill based blended practice framework combining handwritten practice and mobile phone to split screen time and providing gamified practice using specially curated reusable worksheets.

MADSmania is evolving. We are merely not building a product or service rather we are building an EdTtech eco-system for decades to come. It requires like-minded strategic people committed to serve in the field of education through EdTech.

MADSmania is about learning math & other subjects including vernacular languages. It encompasses fusion of advance technologies and traditional method of practicing by hand which is still the best practice according to ancient gurus of India. This concept is outcome of deep research on blending essential mental behaviour of students and their choices in current digital ecosystem.

  • Solving Overuse of Mobile Phone by Children
  • MADSmania Advisors
  • Saving Papers hence tree and environments
  • Win rewards and prizes regularly

Students specially children need to have focus on handwritten practice. As per neuroscience handwritten practice is essential. It stimulates brain for long lasting memory. Handwritten practice is essential to develop motor skill also for the learner.

It is blending of physical & digital processes in learning. It is capable of accepting challenges and providing humanistic education using affordable, futuristic & inclusive EdTech.

It is designed to be ready for future also that includes Gamification, Peer to Peer Collaboration, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality, Robotics etc.

MADSmania will have its own unique blended metaverse in education sector. MADSmania is in the process of evolving its own crypto currency and NFT. These will be used in MADSmania own eco-system, educational institutions, partner ecommerce platforms and neighbourhood stores.

MADSmania is building inclusive, affordable, hybrid (phygital - physical & digital as well as mix of online & offline), vernacular, gamified global educational products & services. With more than 150+ current & upcoming products we are intended to contribute in formal as well as special / personal education need. We are aspiring to be amongst companies in the world by 2030. We have a target to touch 1 billion learners’ life.

Pain points & how is it being addressed

Problem - Due to mobile revolution or otherwise primary / elementary students are shying away from handwritten practice Solution - MADSmania is providing a blended, gamified, rewarding, engaging practice system to motivate students doing math practice by hand. We have created an innovative reusable and hygienic sheets that can be reused 10000 times hence supporting sustainability as well. Our solution is a right blend of using mobile with worksheet. Our worksheet is a kind of innovation that is having capability of replacing bulky slates as well as providing affordable solution alternate to costly laptops & Chromebook etc. Carbon credit…. Implementation in government…. CSR….

Problem - Traditionally education comes in packages / course due its delivery & logistic constraints Solution - Many a times students / learners needskill-based practice rather than enrolling in a complete course. The final outcome as degree or certificate do not emphasises which area the learner is stronger. With its innovative solution architecture, MADSmania is providing skill-based practice that a learner can do on demand and get certified for a single skill. It demonstrates the strong area of the candidate.

  • Teachers are challenged due to modern edtech
  • MADSmania is providing tools for teachers
  • High cost of EdTech
  • Providing affordable Edtech framework

Problem - In the current EdTech noise, more than 80 million teachers in formal education across the globe feels challenged Solution - Companies are running after getting a pie in tuition market with lucrative ads whereas formal teaching in schools are being portrayed as villain in students’ progress. MADSmania is addressing this problem also by providing its app as a productivity tool for teachers also.

Problem - Due to the high cost of EdTech, economically weaker section family feels pain of unaffordability in accessing good quality premium contents Solution - MADSmania product & services are very much affordable. It can even be afforded by students of economically weaker section as well as countries. Thus, our proposition is inclusive which do not focus on rich or well-paying learner but also poor students.

Problem - Education is largely fragmented hence every stakeholder thinking & working on silos rather than sharing knowledge instantly Solution - We have creating and improving an integrated learning eco-system where all stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, educators, governments, corporates can support education in seamless way in more affordable manner.

Problem - EdTech solution largely focusing on gamifications but there is a gap in connecting those content with formal education Solution - MADSmania is trying to connect formal education by providing gamification or reward mechanism rather than other popular and easy to implement solution where gamification comes first then comes content.

Our Products (Learning Apps & Utilities)